Dog Who Has Spent Her Life Chained Can Only Walk In Circles

This story speaks about a poor dog, who was chained almost her entire life. The dog was found just in time by a non-profit animal rescue organization called Takis Shelter and municipal Police.

Two rescuers from Takis found the dog in an old lot chained up! So, they took her to Ierapetra, Greece, where the organization is located. It was obvious that the dog was so scared as she had not contact with humans. Unfortunately, there was a mark on its skin because of the chain.

The dog also needed to have some water and to take a medicated bath as she had not been taken a bath forever. Rescuers believed that the dog was left there for guarding! This means that she had an owner!

The most important thing was that the dog was taken to be treated as she was in very bad condition. The dog, who was obviously malnourished and dirty, was named Frida after “Freedom”.

Sadly, the dog, who was completely cautious and timid of strange people, had totally forgotten how to walk straightly! She just knew how to hop with constant turns like dance! However, Frida got learned how to socialized, and how to walk.

She is now a completely different dog, who loves other dogs and people! She is now completely healthy! She is now waiting forever home. You can know her information by visiting Takis Shelter’s website. What a transformation! Watch the video below.

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