Dog With Broken Spine, And Her Back Legs Cut Off, Gets A New Chance

SOI Dogs Shared a photo of a disabled dog called Scooter on Facebook in hopes that people would help her.

The post was seen by a woman called Willow Sullivan, who was not able to forget about the dog. so, she called the Thailand-based organization, who told her that the spine of the dog was also fused in the wrong shape after being broken, and she also suffered from severe incontinence.

Sullivan, who is also the founder of a New York-based animal rescue sanctuary called Willow's Wings, said that she decided to adopt when she saw her cute face. The adoption process took some weeks as Scooter's condition needed some time to be completely healed. After that, she promptly bit Sullivan when she eventually arrived at JFK airport, but when Sullivan decided to adopt her, she made a commitment whether Scooter bites her or not.

However, the cute dog was happily resting in Sullivan's lap when they were in the vehicle going home from the airport. Scooter was then taken to Cornell University to be examined by the veterinarians there. They found that her unevenly amputated hind legs were probably caused by a hack-job by a former owner after being hit by a vehicle.

This meant that an expensive custom-designed cart was the only way for her mobility as she could not be fitted for proper prosthetic legs. Many people decided to help Scooter with donations but Jason Below, a generous stranger, decided to pay for her cart.

Thankfully, everything went right and finally Scooter get her cart and she was able to walk and even run to go to Sullivan to give her a hug. What a happy ending! Watch the video below.

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