Golden Retriever Born With Only One Ear On Middle Top Of His Head

One of the cutest creatures on earth is the Golden Retriever. No matter their size, big or small, they are just naturally cute.

But this story is about one unique Golden Retriever called Rae, who is adorable in a very mad way! Rae, who has one ear, has taken the netizens by storm due to her cuteness, as her only ear looks like a horn!

She was known after a video of her was shared on TikTok by a veterinary technician called Samantha Smith. You will directly fall in love with her from the first sight as she looks like a baby Mohawk.

No one knows how Rae’s deformity occurred, but it is believed that because of her mama, who was cleaning off the amniotic or placenta sac with a little bit aggressive. That’s when she was directly taken to the hospital hours after being born to undergo a surgery.

One of the caretakers at Family Friends Veterinary Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan called Brianna Aardema, who takes care of Rae, said that she directly knew that she wanted to raise her when she saw her for the first time.

Thankfully, Rae survived the surgery, and she is now doing well. Look how adorable she is!

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