Dog Becomes Obese Due To Overeating, But No One Steps In To Take Care Of Him

When Brazilian workers at a remote gas station in rural saw a dog being abandoned with no mercy by a passerby, they were completely shocked. So, the workers started feeding the dog, who was named Bolinha, the leftovers and took care of him as much as they could.

The poor dog became obese by time due to the unhealthy eating. The 9-year-old dog weighted more than 80 lbs one day! That’s when many locals decided to come to watch the dog, but without even thinking to take him in.

The locals just wanted to take photos of him as he was a local attraction! But all the dog needed was to have love. When the dog went to a junkyard and stayed there as he could not move altogether, the animal activists from a nearby area decided to intervene.

They directly to Bolinha to the Animal Protection Organization’s vet as his breathing was so heavy. The volunteers and the veterinarian put a plan to help the dog loss weight.

The good thing was that Bolinha was obese as he was eating so much, so, diet and exercise regime would be enough. Thankfully, he was able to loss 30 pounds after months of working. He made a great transformation, which can inspire the world.

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