Dog Found Barely Alive In A Dumpster Now On His Journey To Recovery

This story speaks about a poor French bulldog puppy who was found in a dumpster in Allen Park, Michigan, behind a Mexican restaurant.

While taking the trash out, employees found the dog after hearing its whimpering.

The dog had bruises on his legs and ribs, and was struggling to breathe and starving, according to Pound Pals Downriver, a non-profit rescue organization.

The dog was taken to Southgate Animal Hospital, where he was stabilized and put to help with his breathing in a hyperbaric chamber.

The police officers were investigating the case to know how the puppy ended up in the dumpster. The organization also asked people to contact them if they know any information.

The French bulldog, who was named Queso, received his medications, but his condition was still unknown. Fortunately, they were eventually able to what his problem was.

He had megaesophagus a disorder that needs special care when feeding to avoid food entering the windpipe and/or vomiting.

It’s now expected that the dog will survive. But he still needs some care and recovery.

Many people have recently contacted the rescue showing their interest in adopting Questo. But he will stay there until he is completely recovered.

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