Baby Doesn't Know How To Tell His Parents About Abusive Sitter, But His Dog Did

Hope and Benjamin Jordan, who’d just moved to Charleston, South Carolina, started looking for a babysitter, who can take care of their toddler. After a good search, they found Alexis Khan, a perfect nanny, as what they first thought,

But the reality was completely different! The nanny was an abusive monster! She’d physically abuse the baby boy, slap him continuously, hurl abuses at him, and leave him crying for hours, during her tenure!

Killian, the family’s dog, desperately wanted to protect the toddler, so he started barking at Alexis! Which caught the parent’s attention, who set up a hidden recording device to record the sounds while they are out!

When they listen to the device, they found more than 7 hours of nightmarish abuse! So, they called the police to take Alexis, who is banned from working with children. Thanks Killian.

Watch the video below.

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