Pit Bull Found Lying On Discarded Mattress As His Family Left Him Behind Like Trash

Boo, a pit bull, was left behind in streets to fend for himself by his family who moved away. Boo was noticed by a neighbour sleeping on a mattress with the trash of the family.

Even worse, the Michigan family even returned to take some of their belongings but the dog was not among them. So, the neighbour took some pictures of the dog and posted them on Facebook asking for help. Unfortunately, no one responded to the post.

Thankfully, Mike Diesel, a hero man, saw Boo and decided to build trust with him. The first day, Mike spent more than 10 hours with Boo to get his trust by playing with him, taking with him, and giving him different items to eat.

He then came the next day and managed to put leash around the dog's neck. Once he put the leash around his neck, he immediately took him to the veterinarian to be examined.

They found that Boo has heartworms but Diesel is not going to give up on him. Thankfully, Boo found a man who will love him and take care of him instead of his previous family.

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