Dog Who Was Abandoned At Airport Got Adopted By A United Pilot

A dog, who was found abandoned in San Francisco International Airport, is now able to enter the US after the requirements were completed. He had been in a foster home to be cared for.

Recently, the dog, who named Polaris, was adopted permanently by William Dale, a United Pilot. According to the Customer Service's Director for United Vincent Passafiume, the dog had been cared for by their SFO United team since he arrived at the airport.

Thankfully, the United Airlines had a party to celebrate the adoption of Polaris, and they donated to the SF SPCA $5,000 to help them save animal's lives.

Lisa Feder, the Chief of SF SPCA Rescue & Welfare, said that it was a great generous by the United Airlines donated with that much of money, and everyone at the shelter was very happy with that.

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