Deformed Chihuahua With No Front Legs, Gets Dumped Every Time She Goes To New Home

This story speaks about a poor Chihuahua called Daffodil, that was dumped in a cardboard box when she was a newborn! She was found and taken many times to homes, but she was also dumped as she does not have front legs.

San Francisco SPCA knew that they had to do something when they heared about her. The care staff of the SPCA gave Daffodil the care and love she needed which helped her to turn into a playful and curious puppy. They also decided to make a set pf custom-made wheels as they saw her passion for life.

You can see in the video below that Daffodil does what she can to walk by her own self with the wheels. She falls and stumbles many times, but she is finally able to take her first steps. Thankfully, she also got adopted by Olivia, who really gives her the care and love she needs. What a happy ending!

Watch the video below.

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