Police Called To Restrain A Huge Bit Bull At Someone’s Front Porch

In Texas, neighborhood called the police because there was a vicious huge softy cuddly dog, to tackle him.

A police officer named Travis Frost deal* with the tan-colored puppy who was laying on someone’s front porch, while Frost approached casually and thoughtfully left the door to his vehicle open.

Then, he courageously whistled the dog who responded peacefully and jumped into the front seat of the vehicle, willing to take a ride with the officer who even took pictures with him.

Thereafter, the pit pull was taken by animal control officers and to trace back his dad and mom. To conclude, since you have to be always careful around any dog, but you should assume that all dogs are good ones like that dog.

Fortunately, the owners were traced and he was happy again. What do you think about this beautiful story?

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