Chained Dog Abused For Breeding, Gives Birth For The Last Time In Her Life

This story speaks about a poor dog called Dory, who was bred repeatedly for most of her life, and was also kept on a 4-foot chain.

When animal control knew about Dory’s situation, they confronted the family, who said that they no longer wanted the dog, who was pregnant.

She was surrendered to the overcrowded shelter, Clewiston Animal Control. That’s why the rescuers were so worried as she may be put down!

Thankfully, Dory was fostered by a kind local foster mama, who prepared for her babies to arrive. Wow! She gave birth to 8 pups: 3 girls and 5 boys.

The pups and their mama are completely healthy. The puppies and Dory will be available for adoption soon.

Watch the video below.

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