Owner Passes Away, And Left Her Chained For 5 Years, Wags Her Tail When Meets A Friend

This story speaks about a poor Terrier mix called Treya, who left stranded in her owner’s home for about 5 years after her owner was cruelly killed! No one wanted to approach the dog, who was chained in the backyard under a trash-covered deck. But she has given some crumbs to stay alive.

Treya, who was emotionally and physically damaged, was found by some local firefighters. One of her paws had been chewed off by her trying to free herself. Unfortunately, she was very shocked because of being isolated for 5 years.

The firefighters took the dog to “Stray Rescue of St. Louis.”, where she was completely afraid of anyone came close to her. She was then moved to their Trauma Center in hopes that they would mentally heal.

Thankfully, Pinky, a newly rescued dog found Treya, who started wagging her tail when she saw Pinky. Thankfully, she is now recovering in a slow way, and the presence of Pinky helped her so much. What A Brave Dog!

Watch the video below.

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