Tiny Bulldog Puppy Thinks She’s Tough, Has A Feisty Confrontation With Dad

The video below is one of the most adorable videos ever, shows a tiny Bulldog called Greta wanting to set on the couch, and had a feisty argument with her dad.

You can see in the video that Greta is very angry as she is denied from having a seat on the couch and started prowling around her dad’s feet. She then decided to pick a fight with her owner as his teasing remarks are hardly helping.

The tiny baby starts barking and growling around the carpet and she then throws a spectacular hissy fit. Anyway, whenever she tries to jump on the couch, she fails hilariously and that what makes her very angry.

But she never gives up as she finally gets in the couch. You can see that she isn’t angry anymore and starts waddling around the couch happily instead of being grumpy.

Watch the video below.

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