Four Boys Save Starving Dog Found Abandoned And Tied To House With Bungee Cords

This story speaks about a poor dog, who saved just in time by 4 boys in the 7 Mile, Detroit. Kevin, Kenneth, and Kenny Dancy, three brothers and Andrew Daniels, their friend, were going to help a local woman who wanted to move from her house when they saw a shocking scene.

They saw a shivering, emaciated dog, who was abandoned, tied to the back of a house using bungee cords. It was obvious that the dog was abused in a very bad way.

So, the young boys took the dog, that was named Sparkle home after freeing her and covering her with a winter coat, to give water and food. Thankfully, members of the Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue saw them walking Sparkle and decided to help her.

The members of the organization were told the story of the dog by the kids. So, they took the dog in to be treated, and they also thanked the boys by labeling them as ‘’Heroes’’ in a video on Facebook.

Thankfully, Sparkle did not have the mange, which means that she would be able to be adopted. Sparkle was then placed in a foster home by a sister organization called Pet Tales Rescue. We hope that she will find a forever home soon.

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