Blind Dog With Heart Issues Brings Lifeline For A Woman With One Eye

A cute blind dog called Scout was about to be euthanized as he was ignored for a long time by potential adopters. But everything changed when Donna Hendrie saw him. The woman knows exactly what Scout feels as she has only an eye.

The 12-year-old dog has been crowned "Partner of the Year" for his kindness and bravery towards Donna. The dog gave Donna back the will to live as she started being nervous and stressed all the time after losing her eye as she did not want to wear an eye patch, according to Donna's sister, Tracey Ison.

The dog was adopted in 2011, and the stuff of the shelter told them that he would not live more than one year. Donna and Tracey said that they are really happy that Scout is still alive as he has really changed their lives.

They also wish that people would do the same with dogs with disability as they can really change their lives. How great!

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