The Most Barking Dog At Shelter Is Stunned Silent When He Sees His Owner Again

This story speaks about a dog called Goose, whose bark has been so loud to the point it is like a howl since it became a shelter dog at the Adopt An ANGEL Animal Shelter. Gil Jones, the director of the shelter, said that his bark is the loudest bark he has ever heard.

The director also added that if the dog is happy, he becomes quiet, and he’d bark loudly and scream when he felt abandoned and anxious.

Jones said that this was the third time he had been at the shelter. As he was brought at the shelter when he was a pup as he was injured, and started barking loudly when his birth mama left him. The second time was when he was taken back by the family that adopted him for the first time.

He was then adopted by a couple and spent a while with them, but when the couple broke up, one of them surrendered the dog to the shelter without telling the other. The dad moved from the state without knowing that Goose was in a shelter!

After seeing his loud bark, the shelter staff knew that he had to find a forever home. So, they set up an adoption show and directly showed the dog at it. Miraculously, a friend of Goose’s dad was there and recognized Goose as he one of his ears is lost.

So, he directly called Goose’s dad, who was in a big shock to know what happened with Goose. The dad then determined to do his best to get Goose back again. The dad showed up 4 days later to see his dog!

When the dog saw his dad again, he became very quiet, he was the quietest dog ever! He just did not believe his eyes and started jumping happily. Thankfully, Goose was taken back to his dad’s home, where he will never be sad again. What a happy ending! Watch the video below.

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