Baby Orca Found Stranded And Crying For Many Hours, Saved By Group Of Strangers

Have you ever heard about Orca whales?! From the name, you think that they are real whales, but the truth is that they are dolphins! The video below shows a group of people trying to help an orca whale, who was in desperate need of help after getting stuck in the coast of British Columbia!

The mammal was trying to get some food when he got stranded on some rocks! Thankfully, he was spotted just in time, but it was a very hard mission to be done!

A group of volunteers knew about the orca by a post on Facebook, and directly went to the scene to help him! After more than 8 hours, they were able to free the sea animal, who has no injury from the incident! Thanks to these people, who were there in the exact time. Watch the video below.

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