The Pet Needs

Mama Dog Tied Up With Her Puppies In a Sack And Left In The Middle Of Nowhere

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Owners Tied Their Dog With A Leash Hanging From Back Door & Starved Him

Good Samaritan Saw Dog With Eyes Bulging Out, Dashed Through Vehicles To Save Him

Owner Took His Dog To Be Euthanized After A Big Tumor Grew On Its Belly

Rescuers Found Beautiful Dog In His Kennel Abandoned On The Side Of The Street

Woman Saves Dog Drowning In A River After Being Tied By Its Leash To A Heavy Rock

Kitten Brought to Vet with Pain and He Pulls Out the Maggot From The Face

Puppy Dumped With His Siblings, Found Carrying A Slice Of Bread To Fend For Himself!

A Puppy, Who Was Born By A Handicapped Mama Dog, Gets Adopted Without Its Mom!

Loyal Dog Helps His Blind Friend To Get Down Of Stairs

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