Airline Refused To Carry Marine’s Dogs To New Base, Heiress Steps In With Private Plane

Andrew Morales, U.S. Marine Staff sergeant, saved 2 dogs while being deployed in Afghanistan. He even managed to fly the both dogs back with him to San Diego. However, it might be a hard mission to transfer the both Anatolian Shepherds with him as he prepared to move to Camp Lejeune, N.C.

The 2 dogs, who are also brothers, stayed together through every hard thing they had after their tails and ears were cut off for fighting. Thankfully, Andrew Morales was able to form a strong bond with Wyatt and Dusty, the dogs, and just could not leave them behind. So, abandoning them was not an option when he got his new assignment.

But when he went fly with the dogs, they were not allowed to be in the plane as they were too huge for commercial planes. So, the family shared a post online asking for a plea, and they also called an organization to help arrange a travel for Wyatt and Dusty to California from Afghanistan.

Thankfully, the post caught the eye of great-granddaughter of William Wrigley of Wrigley Gum, Helen Rosburg, who gave Andrew Morales and his family a private jet. Being an animal lover makes the mission easier for Helen to give them a private jet.

Thanks for Helen who helped the Marine and his family to get the dogs back.

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