Aggressive Dog Leans His Head In To Rescuer’s Hand To Feel Love For The First Time

This story speaks about an aggressive dog called Phoenix, who knew nothing in his life but pain from a human, but when he met Takis, everything changed. His man was violent and beat him aggressively! The police went and picked him up after receiving complaints from people.

When the police saw that the dog was so aggressive, they called Takis for help. when the dog first met Takis, he snarled and lunged at Takis’ gloved hand. Takis did not lose hope, and decided to try again later.

Takis tried again later that day, and this time the dog gave in! The exhausted dog leaned his head in to his guardian angel hand to feel love! The dog just needed to be loved! Thanks to Takis who was able to show the dog that people can be gentle and friendly.

Watch the video below.

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