Aggressive Dog Bares Her Teeth At The Only Man Who Wants To Help Her

When Hope For Paws, a rescue group, learned about the horrific situation of Lotus, a homeless dog, who was getting harassed by a rotten resident in a neighborhood in Los Angeles, they directly went to rescue her.

Lotus was completely afraid of humans, as she ran away when anyone came close to her. Finally, she confronted the human with her hostile barks and faced her fears. She tried to flash the rescuer away by flashing her massive teeth, but the rescuer did not leave her.

He was able to catch her with a successful trap. However, Lotus directly felt comfortable in the warm blanket of the trap. The rescuers took the dog to be examined, and they found that she her blood was stopped from clotting because of a critical condition.

She could’ve passed away within days with her internal bleeding. Thankfully, the illness of Lotus was controlled in the exact time. She has already gained some strength after being placed in a foster home.

Watch the video below.

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