Man Moves In With Unwanted Shelter Dog, Refuses To Leave Till Someone Adopts Her

A well-known man from Kansas City named Scott Poore is an activist who stands up for the rights of helpless animals.

He had rescued many dogs; Queen was one of them. The 3-year-old Terrier was found beside a dumpster, and she was suffering health issues which affected her adoption.

Queen started to get better after she was taken in by the Great Plains SPCA. The poor dog spent 400 days, but nobody adopted her. Scott was visiting her every day and noticed that she was getting frustrated, so he called the SPCA to allow him to move in with her cramped room and they agreed.

Many dogs suffer from nothing but they feel forgotten, Queen was one of them. Scott refused to leave this tiny room until Queen gets adopted and that makes Queen happy after a long time!

Watch the video below.

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