Abandoned Dog With Matted Fur Found In Park Wagging His Tail To Attract Help

A poor dog finally found a place to stay at in someone's backyard after being dumped in a park before many years. Jerry and Becca, the neighbors contacted Hope For Paws for help and they directly came for help.

Food enough for weeks had been being left by Jerry and Becca as the dog had been fending for himself, but the truth that he needed more than food. When the dog saw the rescuers, he directly knew that they wanted to help him so he was so happy. They picked him up and named him Gossamer.

At the clinic, he was given a much-needed path after his dirty, matted fur was shaved off. His look was completely different. Thankfully, he is now completely clean and healthy. He is just available for adoption as he really needs a forever home with a loving family.

Watch the video below.

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