Abandoned Dog Who Was Found Guarding Over A Month Outside Home Rescued

This story speaks about a loyal dog called Salvatore who lived with his family in Florida, US. Unfortunately, his family decided to move and left their dog alone in the house! The dog never left the house thinking that his family would come back for him, but sadly, it did not happen.

The house was for sale, but the dog just did not leave the house! That's when an animal rescuer called Cabal noticed that and decided to help the dog. The rescuer spent a month trying to gain the dog's trust with snacks, food, and water, but to no avail as he just wanted to wait for his family.

Unfortunately, the dog was kicked out of the house by the real estate agent. That's when Salvatore realized that his family wouldn't come back for him, so, he went to Cabal directly. Cabal then took the dog to Everglades Angels Dog Rescue shelter.

At the shelter, the dog's real personality started to emerge, and he showed great energy and affection to everyone in the shelter. He is still at the shelter waiting to be adopted. He is so friendly and beautiful!

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