95-Year-Old Woman Shows Amazing Friendship With Neighbor's St. Bernard

A 95-year-old woman’s husband died before 30 years leaving her all alone since then. Sally, who lives in Mt. Vernon, Washington., is a cheerful and positive lady who shares wisdom and love with the community she lives in.

So, any family moved to live in Sally’s neighborhood, they feel lucky to her as a neighbor. And that’s exactly what the Mazzarella family felt. Anyway, the best luck was for Brody, their sweet St. Bernard pup, who started coming every day at her Sally’s doorstep after sensing that she needed a companion.

She was more than happy to greet Brody, and she started petting him for hours and gave him bread. She also bought some dog treats for him, but he just wanted bread! By days, Sally was rushed to a senior care facility after suffering a heart attack, but that did not change anything of Brody’s love, and he was devastated as he was not able to meet her!

Finally, his parents decided to take him to Sally to see her again! You can in the video below how emotional the reunion is.

Watch the video below.

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